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Clearing or draining the lymphatic system is beneficial to all, whether you are experiencing more extreme symptoms or not. It’s essential as part of the fluid flow within the body. Helping the lymphatic system to wok optimally, helps all other systems to work optimally, and it’s especially important when it comes to gut health and brain health. 


The technique that is used during a session is manual lymphatic drainage. This particular lymph work is a gentle approach, and, similar to FST, the pace is individualized to meet your body where it’s at. Eventually we build your system up to the deeper lymphatic protocol (still gentle), which is a big part in how this technique differs to others. While dry brushing and lymphatic massage can certainly be beneficial, unless the lymphatic pathways are first cleared, you could very well be stirring up the lymph and waste, with no way out.  



The waste removal or sewage system of the body. Your lymphatic system removes bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, cellular waste, protein and toxins. That is, if it’s working properly. There are many influences that can disrupt the lymphatic flow from what we eat, emotional trauma, tight fascial and muscle tissue, to the air we breath. When lymph is hindered, waste cannot get out of our cells, and nutrients cannot get in. 



It will start working right away. However, how long it will take to Feel the bigger shifts within your body can vary. Some will notice differences within the first week! For others, it might take a few months to feel the bigger shifts for their lymphatic system. (The stretch work tends to have a faster shift than the lymph.) As always, everyone is different, with a different history, which means your timeline will be different. This is why an individualized approach can work wonders.  



"Illness is manly due to stagnation of body fluids. If you can stimulate blood flow and other fluid motion including cerebrospinal fluid and lymphatic drainage then the body will recover." -Dr. Andrew Taylor Still

We work all of those during a session! 

All sessions include Lymphatic drainage and FST! 

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