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Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST) is a gentle yet effective technique of table based assisted stretching that releases throughout the connective tissue, reaches all the way to de-compress joint capsules and unwinds the system for a deep relaxing, recharging and rebalancing experience. It is used by many professional athletes across the globe to efficiently increase range of motion, mobility and performance while accelerating tissue recovery. 

The best way to understand FST is, of course, to experience it. However, understandably you might want to know more before coming in for your first session, so here is little a bit of an idea of what to expect. 

Unlike traditional stretching or bodywork, which tends to focus predominantly on individual muscles, FST focuses on the connection between the fascial network, the nervous system and the muscular network. Using gentle traction and oscillation, FST is able to remove restrictions deep within the fascial network that one is unable to reach themselves during a self stretch. Assessment is a key piece of the session to find out what adjustments your body needs. As we assess both before and after the stretch, it can be amazing to feel, and even see, the changes within your body. Along with the tissue work, there is also a large emphasis on the breath as a tool for deeper relaxation and letting go. Allowing you to tune into your system and accelerate your own natural healing. Even though the practitioner will be guiding your limbs through the slow movements, we always work together as a team and listen to what your system is ready for. 






Arrive wearing comfortable stretchy clothing (such as yoga gear) to allow for freedom of movement. We will talk through your health history, current aches and pains, and your goals. Most of the session will take place on a massage table, with soft stabilization straps to help anchor one side of your body in place while we focus on the opposite side. As we move between stretches the practitioner will help you to tune into your breath and awareness as we work together to help your system rebalance. Each session is customized to the client depending on their needs and goals, and at the end of a session you will be shown exercises to take with you in order to keep your body feeling better for longer in between stretch sessions. 


One important element of FST is that the entire experience is pain free! With the comprehensive approach of Frederick Stretch Therapy, you receive longer lasting results for a happier, healthier, more mobile body. 



 Take a look at our Instagram page to see demos in action! (link below)



All sessions include lymphatic drainage and FST! 


Professional athletes looking to enhance their performance.

Those who sit for longer periods of time at work and feel compressed in their joints. 

Anyone who feels tight and stiff and would like to increase mobility. 

Feeling stressed? Yup, FST can help with that too. 

Basically, if you have a body, this is for you!  

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